K. Aishwarya

Horticulture Officer, Dept. of Horticulture, Govt of Telangana
I, K. Aishwarya, an alumnus of Takshasila Public School, Secunderabad (1996-1997 batch), feel extremely proud to have studied in such a great school that contributes to the overall development of a student. The teachers, schoolmates, and staff were so friendly that it never felt tedious to attend the school. The infrastructure available in the school during those days made it one of the best schools with a CBSE curriculum to study in. Academics, extracurricular activities, self-development, life skills, etc., were perfectly blended and played a vital role in shaping our careers.
“I still revere my schooling days in Takshasila Public School. The school has had a great contribution in moulding me as an individual today. Am grateful to all my teachers who with their selfless dedication, devotion to duty and enthusiastic exuberance left no stone unturned to teach, empower and make me competent and capable to face life’ s challenges. I attribute my success in my military career to the excellent amalgamation of education, values and ethics imparted to me when I was a student in Takshasila, which till date has held me in good stead. Thankful and immensely indebted to the school and teachers for nurturing me during my formative years.”

Colonel Shashikanth Thumma

Serving in the Indian Army
Batch of 1994

Abhiram Tammana, P.E., LEED GA

Senior Project Engineer, Thornton Tomasetti Inc.
Batch of 2002
TAKSHASILA PUBLIC SCHOOL……This name is an integral part of my life. The name is not just an institution, but a foundation that helps students like me to elevate our minds and bring energy to our character.
I attended this institution from kindergarten to 10th grade – a journey that helped me discover myself, gave me a lot of wonderful memories, a sense of connection, beautiful relations along with valuable takeaways. The knowledge and skills I learnt at this place helped me reach where I am today. I did my Masters degree at Purdue University specializing in Structural Engineering and I now am working as a Senior Project Engineer at Thornton Tomasetti, a multinational and a multidiscipline engineering firm.
“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” -Albert Einstein
True to this quote are the teachers at Takshasila. I am forever grateful and indebted to all the teachers at Takshasila Public School for showing me the right direction, values and paving the path that defined me as a person both intellectually and emotionally. I thank them for their relentless support to help give a bright future for many students like me.
Takshasila Public School – A place for education, engagement and empowerment.
I attribute my career success to the strong foundational skills I had received early on during my time at Takshashila. All the teachers are truly invested in the student’s education and their growth.
Takshashila was one of the schools that was ahead of its time when it introduced computer education two decades ago and was always at the forefront of finding innovative and novel programs to expand children’s potential.

Mahesh M

VP – Lead cyber security architect at SwissRe
Batch of 1997

Srikanth Reddy Edula

Director, Software Architecture
Batch of 1996
I am very fortunate to have graduated from TPS. All our teachers were very dedicated to help students learn the subjects. I had great all-round experience in sports, theatre and other extra-curricular activities along with the school curriculum. The school has special emphasis and priority to help all students ace the CBSE boards. I strongly attribute my professional and personal success to the learnings and personality traits I have learnt in my high school.